Tips Improve Body Self-Esteem from Online RDN

We often talk about falling in love with food and how it fuels our bodies to do amazing things. This week, let’s discuss something that deserves more attention: loving your body.

The beauty, cosmetic, health, nutrition, and plastic surgery industries thrive on promoting self-hate. Headlines like “57 Ways to Lose Weight Forever, According to Science” and “New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight and Get in Shape” flood our news feeds, making us forget the big picture of what health truly means. The numbers and sizes that these industries promote are arbitrary, and they prey on our self-esteem and real health.

As online registered dietitians and nutrition counselors, we urge you to resolve to love your body this year. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive to be healthier; it simply means that you value your body and its amazing attributes. When you genuinely love and appreciate your body, finding a healthier path to eating better and exercising becomes much easier.

Here are five tips to help you start valuing yourself and your body:

  1. Don’t diet. Live. Dieting implies sacrifice, pain, and punishment. Instead, focus on making healthy choices and enjoying food.
  2. Watch your language! Kids are highly influenced by what parents value. Avoid talking about weight and diets in front of your children.
  3. Write it down. Write down five things you love about your body. Do this regularly and avoid writing down any negatives.
  4. Put down the magazines and turn off the TV. The media promotes unrealistic beauty standards that don’t reflect reality. Instead, notice the beauty in the people around you.
  5. Give yourself time. It takes time to build a healthy body image and become an advocate for health. Be patient and kind to yourself.

Loving your body and being compassionate towards yourself and others are critical first steps toward building a healthier world. Let’s embrace the idea of “Health at Every Size” and imagine a world where all bodies are valued and supported in compassionate self-care.