Get in the Mood for Love with These Recommended Meals from New York City Registered Dietitian

Today the States will be painted in love. Lots of people are cynics about it.  But I kind of think that in a world with headlines dedicated to sorrow, war, and corruption, it’s a nice change of pace to celebrate love. It might do us good to do it more often.

That said, for the non-cynics looking forward to a night of passion, planning that special meal, you might want to include some of these elements to get in the mood. (We can’t leave it all up to Barry White.)

So, get sexy with these foods to spice up your dinner, and after-dinner, plans.

  1. We love broccoli! It’s that superfood that just keeps popping up everywhere. The antioxidants found in broccoli (and all leafy greens) help blood circulation. A boost in blood circulation can boost that female libido. Raw, or steamed, broccoli is heart and hubba-hubba healthy, all-in-one. (Who knew!? And you thought I’d start with chocolate. I’m a nutritionist. I had to start with broccoli!)
  2. Chocolate tops the list of sexy foods to serve – not only because of the pretty boxes. Chocolate boosts dopamine production, as well as releasing phenylethylamine and serotonin. This all results in aphrodisiac and mood stimulators.
  3. Watermelon provides some sexy, sweet crunch. The Texas A & M Vegetable and Fruit Improvement Center found that, though 92% water, that last 8% contains a phytonutrient called citrulline. The body converts it to arginine. Arginine relaxes blood vessels, similar to what Viagra does in the body. With this in mind, The 4th of July could be mad passion – watermelon and fireworks.
  4. Oh, those oysters! Zinc is the name of the game here, and oysters are the food highest in zinc. Zinc is a nutritional aphrodisiac that boosts sperm motility, morphology, and capacitation. Add the way you eat oysters, and you’ve got a lot of zing going on there.
  5. No worries non-oyster lovers, pine nuts, too, are packed with zinc. So, if you don’t want an oyster, think pesto!cloves
  6. Cloves and nutmeg aren’t just for Christmas foods. Cloves have been used to treat male dysfunction in India for centuries. And nutmeg is called “Viagra for women.” Cloves, too, help with breath, making for some pretty spicy kissing.
  7. Get hot with chili peppers … Serve passion on your plate with Capcaisins, to stimulate metabolism, blood flow, heart rate, and sweat production. Have you ever wondered why mole is so so good?figs
  8. Figs drizzled with honey can turn ho-hum into whoa. Probably one of the most sexy fruits – because of their shape – they have been considered great fertility stimulants (represented by the seeds). Add that to the fact they are natural pheromone enhancers, drizzled with aphrodisiacal honey, and you’ve got a sticky, sweet, after-dinner passion on a plate.pomegranate
  9. Pomegranate’s red, crunchy seeds have been an essential food to boost passion from the beginning of time. This estrogen booster is a “begetter of mad desire.”

Now, it’s up to you. Start off with oysters and spicy sauce. Or stick with a salad with leafy greens, crunchy broccoli, pomegranate seeds and pine nuts. Sticky, honey drizzled figs, or strawberries dipped in chocolate are favorite Valentine’s desserts. Whatever combination you choose, set the mood for passion with what you serve on the plate!

I hope today you celebrate love, passion, and great food. Happy Valentine’s Day.