FAQ – Online Nutritionist & Virtual Registered Dietitian

Many use the terms ‘dietitian’ and ‘nutritionist’ interchangeably. Be aware that only a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) meets rigorous academic requirements with clinical training. To be called an RDN, you must have a degree from an accredited university. Our team of virtual dietitians must stay informed of guidelines set by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to maintain their certification as well as provide our patients with expert online nutrition counseling.

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What can I expect from my first virtual nutrition appointment?

In your initial appointment with one of our online nutritionists we will assess your nutritional status and lifestyle habits. To prepare for your first appointment and maximize our time together, we will provide you with several forms to fill out before your appointment. In this first appointment, we will:

  • Understand your nutrition, exercise, and diet habits.
  • Revise your current and past medical history, including medications and supplements.
  • Go over your weight and exercise history.
  • Learn about your food likes, dislikes, and possible food allergies-sensitivies.
  • Identify meal and snacking patterns, as well as meal content.
  • Review your daily food list, food frequency, and estimate your caloric intake.
  • Assess the macro and micro nutrient balance of your diet.

Most importantly, in your first virtual nutrition counseling appointment, we will discuss your wellness goals and what you want to accomplish by working with your personal certified nutritionist.

Every body is different, with unique nutritional and dietary needs. Our first nutrition appointment is to determine what your expectations are as a client and how we, as registered dietitians and online certified nutritionists can help you meet those needs.

How many follow-up nutrition appointments will I need?

The number of appointments you need with your online certified nutritionist depends on your wellness goals, the complexity of your medical condition or diagnosis, the level of nutrition and exercise knowledge you possess, and how well you apply the new knowledge learned. As registered dietitians, it’s our job to work with you to determine how many appointments you need, and provide you with the best virtual nutrition counseling available to reach your health goals. For example, someone wishing to lose weight will need more appointments than someone coming to discuss supplement use. We are here to provide our patients with top nutrition coaching and get them to a place where they are independent and empowered with their dietary goals.

Why should I consult with an online certified nutritionist?

As registered dietitians, we believe nutrition education and understanding our bodies’ individual needs is the key to a healthy life. We also believe that anybody should be able to access quality nutrition counseling. Working with an online RDN and certified nutritionist will give you the tools to:


  • Manage food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerance.
  • Manage GI problems.
  • Build a better body self-esteem and work through disordered eating.
  • Get the nutrients you need for healthy fertility, safer pregnancy, postpartum experience, and even while breastfeeding.
  • Manage chronic disease (autoimmune diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, fatty liver, among others).
  • Experience meaningful weight loss, through sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • Understand a loved one’s nutrition needs, whether they’re an aging parent or a spouse living with chronic disease, or a teenager struggling with disordered eating.
  • Feel more energetic and vital.
  • Become nutrition literate — navigating supermarkets, restaurant menus, and food labels.
  • Establish a healthy relationship with food and enjoy eating out, family meals, and grocery shopping again.


The age of technology has given us the unique advantage of offering nutrition services to people everywhere. Online certified nutritionists and registered dietitians work with everyone. A tenet of our nutrition appointments is education and science-backed information, empowering clients to become autonomous and comfortable in their food choices. As RDNs, our favorite clients are “regular people” who want to improve their health status and reach wellness goals.

How do I choose a nutritionist and/or dietician?

Remember, “nutritionist” isn’t a regulated, official title or degree. Make sure you choose an online certified nutritionist and/or registered dietitian  that holds a certification from one of two boards: The Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists  (C.N.S.) and/or The Clinical Nutrition Certification Board (C.C.N.), both of which require a master’s degree in nutrition or a related degree with certified practical experience before sitting for the exams.


Here are some questions you might want to ask before deciding on a nutritionist:

What is your  educational background?

Are you certified by a nationally recognized organization?

Are you a member of any professional associations?

Can you provide me with client references?

How do you work with clients with goal setting?

How do you chart progress?

Do you require a physician’s release form? Will you update my medical history?

How much do you charge per session? What are your billing and cancellation policies?

Do you take insurance?


Do you work with people with special needs?

We treat adult patients of all ages, from 18 – 100.  Our team of online certified nutritionists works works with people with diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, lupus and other autoimmune diseases, pre-post natal, pre and post-bariatric surgery, and all types of musculoskeletal problems. We love working with people who simply want to learn how to eat better, improve their energy levels, appearance, strength, and quality of life while preventing unnecessary aging.


We look forward to helping you reach your wellness goals.